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Things to do before choosing your Wedding Photographer

Uncategorized / No Comment / May 28, 2018

Clothes, makeup, food, decor, location, invites and all the wedding mandatories on one side while choosing a photographer is on the other! Getting the right photographer is undoubtedly the most challenging and tedious task of a wedding. Like everything else you neither can touch, smell or feel pictures until everything's done. This means you cannot really take a chance here. A careful research and selectiveness of professional skills, artistic style and personal demeanor become all the more important while choosing yourwedding photographer.

We bring to you a tailor-made checklist before you hire your photographer worthy enough to capture your big day!

Read on…

First, pick your style

The first and foremost step you should take is to fix on the style you desire. What type of photography style do you wish to go with? As the more the detailing, the better clarity you get of the photographer you need. To put down a few styles, Documentary – candid or spontaneous pictures of people, décor and the action etc.These pictures capture the moments exactly as they happened, and together tell a story. Portraiture – posed shots of the two of you, your friends and family in front of various backdrops, at times taken into the creative realm. Fine Art – the dramatic and gorgeous ones that appear to be shot on film with a grainier, dreamier, more muted appearance. Edgy and Bold – an offshoot of fine art, outside-the-box, tilted angles and an unconventional framing.

Typical photographers give a blend of styles with a mix of black, white and colour, but if there’s a special style you love, focus and look for the expert!

Research matters

Apart from the good will and word-of-mouth references check out the reviews online. Carefully review websites, blogs, analyse their style. Look for their social media reputation, number of followers, likes, mentions and hunt for the positive, not ignoring the negative again. See their gallery, albums, explore few full wedding albums. Remember what's uploaded on websites and across social media platforms is usually the best of the lot they've got. Doesn't give you the whole and exact picture about them. So if you like a few, contact them and ask to see full
galleries from real weddings they’ve shot. This can give you a clarity if not completely about how and what they can help you with.

Research as much as you can until you are completely satisfied with your results. After all it’s your wedding, you need the best.

Keep your eye critical

While reviewing a photographer's album, look for the moments you want to be captured. How did they do that? Did they get photos of both the bride and the groom when they locked eyes for the first time? Are the images crisp? Does that shot look good the way they’ve captured it?

Understand the importance they give to light. And most importantly, are emotions conveyed right? You two are the major yes, but you want your family and friends' pictures smiling and good as well.

Get in touch

Now that you’ve made your list, get in touch. Because you cannot decide on viewing their profiles alone. Meet your potential photographers in person. Talk and discuss on the possibilities.

Check their availability and if their fees is in your budget, freeze!

If your photographer isn’t available on your wedding date, look for the others in your list. Schedule in-person meetings with a minimum of 5-6 photographers before you decide. Make sure you talk about the venues, your wedding style and how and what you’ve imagined your pictures to be like. Assess their personalities as well. it is very important for a smooth travel and flow.

The Personality mesh

Is the photographer active? Is he excited at what you're describing? How are the suggestions? Is he respectful or timid? If you wish to get the best pictures, make sure you both get comfortable with each other. Get a pro who's social enough, active, bold, asks questions and is a good listener. He should be hunting for the best pictures without being disrespectful towards your guests, puts you at ease and doesn't irritate anyone. He should be good to you, your guests and everyone around to make them smile, laugh and seek out for some great pictures.

Confirm the best of the team

They’ve got many photographers, who’s the one clicking you? Reassure, pick and confirm. Make sure the one you’ve interviewed, discussed your ideas with and like will be the one shooting you on the day. Every organisation has their own specifications and regulations regarding allotting photographers to events. So you need to mention whom you want. Include it in the contract,

write to them your choice. If there’s room in your budget, hire two professionals to get twice as much coverage and different perspectives. Know who’s coming to you, who’s gonna click, who’s gonna assist and what, everything much before in hand. You confirm your team before they send you one.

Compare Packages

Don’t end up paying the best for the basic. Decide on the style of the album, number of pictures, number of albums, number of events to be shot and hours of coverage. Check the market price, the standard fee of those you select and choose what's best for you. While packages vary, most include about 6 to 12 hours to cover everything from pre-ceremony events like getting ready with your bridesmaids or first-look photos to the end of the reception. Its usually better to pay for more coverage if there’s a chance you’ll run over and you definitely want your photographer
there until the end. Extra time means extra price! Think and analyse before you confirm.

Postproduction and rights

Most photographers own the rights to all the pictures they click at your wedding, including you. He may use the pictures for promotions and can also get them published. Many share watermarked images or images with credit on them. So unless you negotiate and buy the rights your images are not completely yours.

How many images should you expect, what will be the resolution, can they be printed for yourself or will the proofs you receive be retouched, will you get the raw files as well or do you have the option of selecting which images to be retouched? Ask your final photographer all this and make sure he maintains the level of transparency you need to know.

Now you know who you should be looking at. Choosing the right photographer to make your big day bigger, just go easier than ever. Just in case, we are Zoticus Productions.

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