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Decor Tips for Better Pics!

Uncategorized / No Comment / June 25, 2018

Decor to pictures is what makeup is to a woman.

You just can’t end up with flowers and colors scattered around your venue and expect your pictures to be perfect.  If you are planning for a perfect and most appealing decor set up, you need to be mindful of every minute thing that goes into a beautiful decor.

No event seems to be complete without an elaborate decoration. And decorations in any occasion speak a lot of the people and the event. Decor puts the place together and is indeed the soul of every event.  Any kind of decoration requires proper preparation, planning, and coordination with your event planner or the concerned decor person to have a perfect and picturesque outcome.

First things first, you might have too many ideas in mind already. Don’t mess up! Stay calm and follow a streamlined process to not miss on anything important.

Here are a few steps to gift yourself with the most beautiful decor sets of all time for your wedding and events that follow:

  • Always find the venue before anything and take a tour of it properly. Note down every dimension, covered with a roof or no, space, landscapes etc. Every minute detail of the location will help you make it look flawless!
  • Keep a mental note of how you imagine the place to look like in your head while touring the place.
  • Now that you know what to do and where, plan your budget accordingly considering the time frame, nature of your event, type of guests coming in, manpower and available resources.
  • Then comes the themes. Pick and choose your themes suiting your requirement and expectation. Keep intact the contrast between your venue and your theme. Fresh flowers and bright colors for outdoor setups and modern sober, classy concepts for a closed area. Keep it bright for mornings and jazzy for nights. Experiment with the colors and different patterns to get that combination you’re looking for. It is important to have the right color and right props to complement your venue.
  • Work it out for your contentment and you’ll have the best if put in the best effort, time, resources and price.

Keep in touch with your wedding planner and decoration guy and guide him/her on the execution. Putting in this extra effort will be a tedious task for sure, but the outcome will be absolutely worth it. Watch the beauty turn out to be the best in your pictures and you’ll be thankful to yourself.

Also, to top it all, hire a photographer who understands the significance of a beautiful decoration and knows how to capture both the essence of the event and the best that comes with it.

Just in case, we are Zoticus Productions.

Have a look at some of the beautiful decor themes captured by us that redefine elegance.

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That what’s hanging is beauty!

Bright, bold and beautiful

Lightened up to joy!

Sophistication to detail

Pink and pretty any day

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