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8 Best Pre-Wedding Destination Ideas to choose from!

Uncategorized / No Comment / July 17, 2018

True happiness of a wedding comes from the joy of pictures well done, beautiful clothes worn, and in the urge of getting an awesome pre-wedding shoot done. Period!

Yes, weddings today are less about “Hold my hand and we’re halfway there” and more about, “How about we trying this place and that pose for our pre-wedding shoot there?” Pre-wedding shoots are undoubtedly the most exciting and happy part of a wedding. You get to choose your location, put on what you love, pose the way you want and get everything done as per your whims and fancies without any traditional or customary influence.

The liberty you enjoy on your pre-wedding shoot is the beauty reflected in your pictures. Pure love, happiness and the bond you two share, everything so worth capturing that you are bound to never regret your pre-wedding shoot. As important a role your clothes and make-up play, the destination of your pre-wedding shoot is indeed the soul and life of your pictures. The better, the pleasant and amazing the destination, the lovely and memorable your pictures turn out to be. And believe us when we say this, you will have the best time of your life and some most happiest moments at your pre-wedding shoot.

Provided, the person behind the camera should be equally cool and creative.

Here are a few destination ideas we thought could suit any couple irrespective of what kind and which genre they belong to. Adding the right cliché required for a quirky and adorable picture frame.

  1. Suryagarh Hotel, Jaisalmer

The majestic Suryaghar of Jaisalmer, architecturally pure and royalty oozing to every brick. Every nook and corner here is blissful ancient craft giving you the best locations with a Rajasthani touch and architectural elegance. Gives your pictures the rich and magnificent look to cherish forever. You can try out your quirky poses and live every moment to its fullest. And what can make a place more special than the exclusivity it has to offer. Once you check-in, it’s all yours with incredible facilities and beautiful set-ups it comes with. Get your pre-wedding, or rather entire wedding essence right and in splendid magnificence.

  1. Gateway of India – Mumbai

For those who love to keep it simple, natural and going. Our very own Gateway of India giving you all the patriotic and historic feels of the day. One amazing frame hitting right on the love for simplistic splendour and a chic style. And who wouldn’t want to pose before a sculpt of historic significance? The pride of the nation with all the light of the day! Schedule your shoot on a bright day and you’re a sure shot to perfecto!

  1. The deserts of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

We all love the Filmy Focus! Don’t we? Be it your first or the last choice, the sultry sands of Rajasthan add to your pictures a magic you’ll fall for. Textured, rough and rustic, not much of an expense either. Add that dramatic look to your attire, a Shahrukh-Kajol Pose and await your pictures. Have some music play in the background, to uplift your emotions and have some fun. If you haven’t decided yet, then we suggest this is the best.

  1. Add green to your love – Attili

Our couple tried something very simple and convenient and were surprised at what can some greenery do to your image. Not in a mood for a destination? No problem, just add some life to your images with overwhelming love and lush greenery.
And you’ll love the outcome too!

  1. Taj Bakel, Lalith Resorts, Kerala

Kerala is a place of love, be it at a resort or Allepy, Munnar or just on any random landscape, your pictures will turn out beautiful. The solace of Kerala, the freshness of the greens and the love you share, all together captured to eternity. If you’re in for Kerala, we are in for you too!

  1. Visakhapatnam, Sai Priya Beach Resorts

Hey Vizagians, we found a destination for you too. Who said Resorts are boring? They have all the capability to turn into a beautiful and affordable pre-wedding destination too. Give your creative mind some work, the photographer some space and dress up for your best day.
Well, have a look for yourself.

  1. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

A historic infrastructure hiding the world underneath. For those who love to keep it high and up above the sky. The enthralling skyscraper to your high rising story of love. A true collaboration of art and beauty. Mesmerize yourself and your pre-wedding pictures at the Burj! And yes, some romance added….

  1. Marriot Hotels

For fascinating scenes inside, rush to the Marriot Hotels. A clear case of sophistication and class giving your pictures the tinge of extravagance. Love celebrated and captured is here!
Don’t give it much of a thought, book your hotels and give us a call.

And just in case, we are Zoticus Productions – adding life to your pre-wedding love!

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